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There are many things that we consider large contributors to stress, and buying your first home or being a part of an investment portfolio is one of those contributors. The decision making process alone can be quite time consuming, not just from the tremendous amount of paperwork, but also ensuring sure that every process is seamless, will really take effort – whether it’d be your first time or not.

We at Mortgage Broker Geelong are experts when it comes to the process of completing a home loan. Our goal is to ensure our clients’ experience is smooth and hassle free. Our intimate knowledge of the financial markets allows us to efficiently help our clients utilise the best rates and loan packages in no time – completely free of charge! Our core focus is finding you the best deal possible that suits your long term financial strategies and goals. Importantly – we’re not only here to provide you with the best deals going around, but also to educate and guide you in the overall property buying process and take off as much burden from your shoulders as possible.

The best strategic solutions can only be seen here at Mortgage Broker Geelong, with a range of various lenders and loan packages at your disposal. Here is our commitment to you:

  • Help educate you on the buying process and identify the best places to buy
  • Help to negotiate on the property
  • Loan structuring
  • To help you understand all the terms/conditions involved with the contracts
  • Repayment strategy
  • Understanding all the costs and taxes involved
  • Expedited pre-approval process
  • …and more!
Our team are well equipped with the financial knowledge and experience to ensure that each and everyone one of our clients have a smooth and rewarding experience with us. We provide access to the best home loan package deals and ensure that we understand your goals to provide you a tailored solution that works best for you.

Looking to refinance?

At Mortgage Broker Geelong, we specialise in helping our clients find not only the cheapest loan rates, but also the best loan packages that suit them most. We not only make the process entirely seamless and efficient, but provide you a hassle free approach that means you can turn your attention to other aspects of your life. 

We know the stress that refinancing a home loan can mean. Which is why we make it our priority to ensure that the entire process is met with urgency and care, through our very own channels.

Our priority is to ensure you receive the best deals possible, without compromising your future lending capabilities. Some banks may offer cheaper rates, but may not be as willing for you to take on further debt if you choose to take up more loans. That’s why it’s important for us to provide a holistic approach to ensure that you won’t hit any roadblocks down the line.

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