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You probably wouldn’t believe us if we told you our services are free. Crazy right? The lender of your choice is the one responsible for paying our services. No matter who your lender is we are always paid at the same rate. So, rest assured we only serve you with our best interests at heart. We will see to it that you receive the best loan packages with the most competitive interest rates in the market, as we receive negotiated rates through our own channels as well.


Your Geelong mortgage broker

We understand your hesitation in buying a home because we can all agree that it is absolutely one big financial decision to make. To put it simply, if you’re in a constant search for that perfect home that comes with that attractive loan package then Mortgage Broker Geelong is the solution to all your problems! We value our customers so much that we guarantee you that we will guide you through your mortgage journey from beginning ‘til the end.

Your personalised Mortgage Broker service in Geelong.

Over the years, we have built a quality practice that has allowed us to become one of the leading mortgage brokers in Victoria. Our main goal is to provide unrivaled customer service to each of our clients, and provide extremely high quality work.

We enjoy providing full transparency to our clients, and always ensure to provide a new breadth of knowledge, to make the process easier to understand and follow.

Why Choose Us?

We’re the best choice in providing an impeccable service and we would gladly prove our capabilities by providing you with nothing but excellent customer service. It’s our job to find the most competitive, up-to-date loans that are available. The best part is in the next 12 to 24 months, we’ll give you a heads up if there will ever be a better loan option so that you can take advantage of that and stay on top of the ever-changing market.

We are open and authentic to our clients and therefore we choose the right loan package that is dependent on your long-term strategy. We believe that offering a personalised experience both satisfies us and our clients where we provide continual communication with one another to meet your needs. 

We are 100% free and available 24/7!

We want our clients to have the best experience, and in order for that to happen, we will cater to your every need. Once a transaction has taken place, that will mark the beginning of a newfound family with us and our clients.

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You don’t need to ask yourself “Who is the best mortgage broker near me” anymore.

We want you to enjoy our services, on the basis that we’re dependable, experienced, and open to our clients when it comes to their financial journey. We want to be your first choice when it comes to home loans and other financial services, and for you to place your trust in us because we have the same interests as you – which is for you to achieve your long-term goals.

You’ve got nothing to lose, and everything to gain!

Refinance your home loan

Looking to refinance your home loan? Well look no further. We know the process back to front, and understand that for many people – the prospect of refinancing doesn’t sound too compelling at times, considering the effort required.

No need to worry, because with Mortgage Brokers Geelong, we’ve got the expertise, technology and the channels to be able to process your refinancing applications with absolute ease and efficiency.

Before even making a start, we conduct a preliminary assessment to make sure that you’re better off than what you’re currently receiving with respect to your current loan package. This is to make sure that you will benefit.

Reasons to REFINANCE

The process we undertake in refinancing your home loan is quite simple. We use a highly efficient online system that has a direct channel with the vendors. This means your application is received in no time and can quickly be processed!

It’s best to always check first that you’re able to receive a better deal. We not only make sure that you’re receiving a more competitive interest rate, but also checking that your bank’s serviceability is either the same or better. What this means is that we want to make sure you are future-proofed so that if you want to scale your property portfolio, you’ll be able to access further funds, rather than solely finding a better interest rate.

Refinancing your loan can also provide an opportunity to access additional cash flow by enabling you to utilise any existing built up equity from your property portfolio. If you’re looking to commence a renovation or construction project, this is a cost-effective solution to increase your cash flow.

It’s worth considering to consolidate your existing debt, by ensuring that things are kept simple. This is done by keeping your debt in one place so that it’s much easier to keep an eye on.

Some examples would be to combine any existing credit card or personal debt, with your mortgage as there are some financial benefits in doing so.

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1. Call us or fill in the quote form

We’ll discuss matters with you regarding your financial situation. In order to understand how we can best serve you, we really need to get to know you on a deeper level. We ask questions, so we can identify your financial goals and the best pathway to achieve that.

The loan products will be completely tailored to your liking and financial status. We will also educate our clients and provide a breakdown of the loan process, while also covering topics such as the effect of the different types of loan products will have on you and how loan instruments work. In order for things to work, a strong foundation of understanding must be established.

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2. The process - arranging a pre-approved loan

Once we have gathered the necessary information from you, we’ll then formulate the best strategy that aligns with you. The arrangement of a pre-approved loan will relieve any stresses and provide you an understanding of what your spending limits should be, and the ability to make an offer for any property you are interested in. Do not fret as this process is quick which would allow you to have time to shop around!

We keep things transparent between us and our clients and ensure to provide a breakdown of each step of the process. We’ll also explain how the interest rate costs and repayments will work, and the difference with ‘fixed’ and ‘variable’ interest rates. This is to help you understand the best strategy, depending on the type of investment or purchase you are making. It’s also worth considering the lending ability of different banks (small vs large lenders). This is especially important if you are looking to scale your property portfolio, it’s more difficult to borrow more capital from smaller bank (where they initially may look more attractive due to a cheaper rate). It’s important to consider all options, particularly in understanding the amount you can leverage by, from different financial institutions.

3. We will then help get your loan approved and settled, while you relax

Once we get your approval for the loan and after we receive the requisite documentation, we’ll have a discussion with the bank and give you updates along the way. This process could take up to 1-2 weeks.

We highly value our clients and each engagement we have with you is special to us. Our relationship with our customers doesn't end right after the loan has settled. During the life of the loan, we regularly check your loan yearly. If a better loan package comes up, we will inform you about it. We can then form comparisons with what the other lenders can offer and therefore negotiate on whether a lower rate can be given for the loan package or go with another financial institution - whichever would benefit you the most.

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Home loans

We at Mortgage Broker Geelong have the expertise in the mortgage industry so our team will be able to educate our clients and guide them on finding the best home loan for them. There are many things to consider when purchasing a home which can create a lot of stress on our clients. Choosing the right location, the best financing options, and paperwork are all part of the process, and time-consuming.

The whole process can seem quite daunting. At Mortgage Broker Geelong, we make sure that our clients will receive the right home loan for them by assessing financial health, together with their financial goals. What better way is there to know what is best for our clients than this, right? Before we process the negotiations on your chosen property, we must obtain the pre-approval first. We’ll commence the loan application process, which is handled entirely by us. Furthermore, we will keep you updated throughout the entire process.

For those who are first home buyers, you may be offered the First Home Owner Grant application. We can guide you through the qualification process for this if you choose to opt in for it. 

Investment loans

If you’re the type of client who’s in search of an Investment Property Loan, then we know exactly what type of loan package would best suit you.

There are two types of loan structures we can discuss on and these would be interest-only or principal and interest. To minimise any LMI from any potential lender, we will employ a strategy for that, for the good of your investment strategy and expected returns.

We will help our clients review their portfolio in order to ensure that only the best deals will be given to you, and we’re responsible for negotiating with the banks on your behalf. You want to get the best value for your money, right? That’s the reason why we’re going to continually guide you through identifying the most competitive loan products from a wide selection of lenders in the market. Regarding the deadlines, property valuations, and settlement dates, we’ll help you manage those as well.

We will never get tired of saying that everything we’ve ever mentioned is completely free!

Renovation loans

For those homeowners who are still living under the roof of their homes which clearly need renovation, we have loans that would cover that problem! Of course, these won’t come cheap because these require a lot of structural work and additional capital.

Your wallets may probably be shaking in fear now but there are many options that would fund these activities. An important note though, we must ensure that our clients have enough cash flow in hand for your financial obligations.

These are the options you may go for which would mainly involve either paying out of your own pocket using your savings or utilising equity (only if you have enough built from your existing property).

Construction loans

One of the most exciting things that could happen to a person and their family is building their own home (or investment property)! However, the cost that comes along with this excitement is quite large.

We’re talking about building and construction costs which involve a lot of money. Financing construction costs could be easily covered with a construction loan, however securing one, that’s a different story (and not an easy one at that).

Opting for a construction loan can offer flexibility with special construction conditions. Your loan can either be drawn down in either instalment or in chunks (progressive drawdowns), this means receiving payments at different stages at your construction project. Most often than not, people tend to go for this option because it’s not necessary to pull out cash up front, but rather in stages. These are all drawn from a predetermined loan amount, construed by the financial institutions. The advantage with this is that you will only need to pay for the interest on the amounts you have drawn from the loan facility.

rows of housing

Commercial loans

The use of capitals is essential for any capital funding ventures, now this is where commercial financing comes into the picture. These are available from various lenders and financial institutions that allow you to have working capital.

Our team of Finance Brokers Geelong will aid you through this process for you to achieve your investment strategy for sourcing the right type of borrowed capital, that suits you best. Have any plans for starting your own business or project? Then this loan is the right one for you! Whether short or long term, our team will source the best value debt for you!

Car loans

Want to complete the package? Nothing looks better than having that dream house and a beautiful car at the same time! However, we’re all aware that landing that dream car can be very, very costly. That’s where Mortgage Broker Geelong comes in to help you get that four-wheeled beauty! We can help you source the best value for your car loan, to help your cash flow with ease without the need to pour all your cash all at once. This will help with your monthly spending and budget.

The right lender and loan package will surely be given to you by our team. The team will create a strategy that will suit you and your needs. Now you’re closer than ever to cruising around to wherever you want! 

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Approved Geelong Mortgage Brokerage Service

Let us do all the work for you. Our goal is to help you achieve your long-term financial goal by providing the best loan product. We’re completely dedicated and committed to our clients, so we will be alongside you in your journey and even further from that. We want to leave our clients satisfied with our service and ensure that their needs have been met. Furthermore, we want to leave an impression on our clients and make them say with confidence that they have made the right decision in choosing as their brokers. Being able to educate our clients while demonstrating our expertise in this field is enough proof to declare that we have the best services.

The journey doesn’t end once your loan is approved, quite frankly, that is only the beginning. We will regularly keep in touch with you and monitor everything in a timely manner. Mortgage Broker Geelong have access to the best deals on the market, it only makes sense to consult licensed professionals who will not only provide you access to really amazing deals but also take all the load off of you by taking care of all the paperwork. It’s a win-win for both the clients and our company!

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We really understand the amount of stress and headaches that can come with making your next big purchase. There’s always a lot of planning, and time spent in ensuring that everything goes smoothly, because these types of purchases have a large financial consequences. That’s why we at Mortgage Broker Geelong make it our job to provide a headache-free process for all of our clients, and ensuring that you have complete peace of mind, every step of the way!

Our core value is provide the absolute best in customer service for our clients, that is next to no one. We take great pride in how we help our clients, in establishing long term relationships and friendships with each and every one. Not only that, we do our best to impart as much knowledge as possible, as we love to educate, so that we can always impart new wisdom and understanding in how everything works.

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