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Many Australians dream of having their own gorgeous home, however, the process of planning that, especially when it comes to expenses, are never fun to deal with. Do not fret, because achieving your dream house can become a reality by utilising a construction loans. However, these types of loans aren’t that easy to deal with. These could pose a few risks so you will need to budget carefully and keep tabs on the construction progress and schedule. This is to ensure that expenses are managed effectively.

The entire cost of the project is not required upfront when undertaking construction. This is due to the fact that materials and construction costs will not be incur any costs right at the start. Typically a construction loan facility is stage-based, therefore you won’t be paying interest on the amounts not drawn down from your loan facility.

It’s very important to understand that there is a difference between a construction loan, to a regular home loan. We suggest that you seek guidance from professionals who know how to form a strong strategy that is easy to follow, and will allow you to take advantage of special deals. Our team at Construction Loans Geelong will ensure that you are set up with the right construction loan package that suits you best. With the services we provide, you will get nothing but a seamless experience throughout the construction of your property.

We promise you that there will be no unnecessary increase in your home loan interest rate during the construction and that you have an adequate loan facility to draw down from each stage of the build. We will take care of literally everything! 

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